Summer 2014 cool with near normal precipitation across Delaware

Below normal temperatures and near normal precipitation characterized Delaware’s Climate during summer 2014.

Figure 1. Delaware Statewide mean Summer Temperature (°F) 1895-2014.
Figure 2. Delaware Statewide Summer Precipitation (inches) 1895-2014.

Summer Temperatures

Preliminary data indicates that Delaware experienced its coolest summer since the 2000 season. The Statewide mean summer temperature of 73.7°F was 0.8°F below the 1981-2010 normal of 74.5°F (Figure 1). The cooler than normal summer conditions were the fourth season in a row with below normal temperatures dating back to the autumn season of 2013.

Summer Precipitation

Cool summer temperatures were accompanied by near normal precipitation across the state during the summer season. The statewide mean precipitation of 12.81” was 0.81” above the 1981-2010 normal of 12.00”, and was the 4th year in a row with near or above normal summer precipitation (Figure 2). Although above normal, 2014 summer precipitation was 9.32” less than 2013, which stands as the wettest summer on record for Delaware.

Statewide Spatial Averages

Data from the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) show that all stations across Delaware experienced below average temperatures during the summer season with anomalies varying between -0.5°F to greater than -4.0°F depending upon location (Figure 3).

As is often the case during the summer months, precipitation varied greatly across the region in 2014 (Figure 4). The variation in precipitation is due to the convective nature of rainfall during the summer months. Thunderstorms often dump heavy precipitation in one area, while leaving areas nearby rain free or with little precipitation. However, most stations across Delaware and Chester County, PA recorded near normal rainfall for the season.

Summer 2014 average temperature anomalies
Figure 3. Summer 2014 average temperature departures from the 1981-2010 mean based upon DEOS station data.
Summer 2014 total precipitation
Figure 4. Summer 2014 precipitation based upon DEOS station data.

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Delaware Environmental Observing System
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