About Us

The Delaware Climate Office (DCO) is the principal scientific extension service for weather and climate information for the State of Delaware. The Office resides within the Department of Geography and the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment at the University of Delaware, and is supported by the staff from the Center for Environmental Monitoring & Analysis (CEMA).

Dr. Daniel J. Leathers serves as the Delaware State Climatologist.

Our Mission

The mission of the DCO is to serve the State of Delaware through the collection, archiving and dissemination of weather and climate data, through ongoing research pertaining to the weather and climate of Delaware and the mid-Atlantic Region, and to K-16 education across the State.

What We Do

The DCO makes Delaware specific weather and climate information accessible to the citizens of Delaware through its web page, media interviews, monthly publications and through other extension activities.

The DCO is associated with the Delaware Environmental Observing System (DEOS) which serves as a support tool for decision makers involved with emergency management, natural resource monitoring, transportation, and other activities throughout the State of Delaware, providing state agencies and the citizens of Delaware with immediate information about environmental conditions in and around the State. DEOS also archives data for historical environmental studies and research.