October 2011 Snow Storm

medium_2011oct-snow.pngAn unusual late October snowstorm blanketed the northeast United States with up to 20” of snow from the 28th through the 30th.

Snow fell across extreme northern Delaware throughout much of the day on October 29th, but melted quickly as it fell on warm surfaces.

In some areas of northern Delaware there was a slushy accumulation with an official accumulation of 0.3” measured in Wilmington.

On average, northern Delaware sees 18.9” of snowfall over the course of the season, with the first measurable snowfall usually occurring in November or December.

Monthly snowfall averages for Wilmington are given below.

Jan Feb Mar Apr Oct Nov Dec Season
7.5” 6.3” 2.2” 0.3” 0.1” 0.6” 1.9” 18.9”
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