2013 Begins Warm and Dry Across Delaware

Statewide Mean January Temperature 1895-2013
Figure 1. Delaware statewide mean January temperature (°F) 1895-2013.

Following the overall pattern of 2012, the new-year began with above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation across Delaware.

Preliminary data indicates that January 2013 was the 15th warmest January since 1895 with a statewide mean monthly temperature of 38.8 ° F, 4.6 ° F above the 1895 – 2013 mean (Figure 1).

The new-year also began somewhat dry across Delaware. Statewide mean precipitation was 2.81”, 0.72” below the 119-year mean for January.

January temperature across the contiguous 48 states was warmer than normal across the eastern two-thirds of the country and below normal in the west. Precipitation across the country was below normal along both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts and above normal in the Mississippi and Tennessee River Valleys.

Statewide Annual Precipitation 1895-2013
Figure 2. Delaware statewide January precipitation (inches) 1895-2013.

US January Temperature Anomaly 2013
Figure 3. Temperature anomalies (°F) across the contiguous United States in January. Map provided by the National Climatic Data Center.

US January Precipitation Anomaly 2013
Figure 4. US January precipitation anomaly 2013.


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