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Cold and Snow Continue into March 2014

Much colder than normal temperatures and ample precipitation characterized Delaware’s climate for March, 2014. The combination of cold temperatures and moisture led to heavy March snowfalls, especially for southern Delaware.

February 2014 Continues Cold and Snowy Across Delaware

February 2014 was characterized by colder than normal temperatures and above normal precipitation values. The combination of cold and moisture brought significant snowfall to portions of the state during the month as well.

January Brings Cold and Snowy Conditions to Delaware to Begin 2014

Delaware’s Climate during January 2014 was characterized by colder than normal temperatures and below normal precipitation values. Although total precipitation was below normal across the State, 2014 ranked as the 4th snowiest January since records began in 1948.

MODIS Satellite Captures Mid-Atlantic Snowcover Extent


MODIS Terra captured a wondrous view of the the snow cover extent over the Mid-Atlantic region.

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